4 Ways To Know You’ve Found The Right House In Floresville



Floresville Tx home for saleBuying a first house or upgrading to a bigger and better house or downsizing, a certain amount of caution is always in order. No matter your particular situation, buying a house is a huge investment and usually a long-term financial commitment. That means you want to make sure you’re buying the right house. And knowing how to know you’re making the right choice will go a long way toward cutting down the stress and second guessing. So be sure to check out these 4 signs that you’ve found the right house in Floresville.

1. Good Budget Fit

A home should be a place of refuge and comfort – a place you can let your hair down and completely relax. But it won’t be if you’re always stressing about making the next mortgage payment and paying the property taxes. If a home doesn’t suit your budget, then it’s probably not the right house for you.  The term is that you never want to be house poor.  How fun is it to not be able to go out to eat because your house payment took all the budget?

Heres what industry experts recommend: “You’ll need to sit down with a real estate agent or a mortgage broker before you start looking for homes, and sort through your finances to determine how much you can afford to offer as a down payment, and how much debt you’re comfortable being in and can realistically afford to pay back. . . . Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you should never put yourself in a position where you’re going to struggle to make ends meet every month.”   I would recommend that talk be with a mortgage expert either before you start shopping or very soon after.

You can also use one of the many online mortgage calculators to see if a house fits your budget. Or you can call (210) 216-7722 to get the expert help of a local real estate agent.  We can always recommend good local mortgage loan officers.

2. No Interest in Other Homes and Excitement in This One

Sure, choosing the right house in Floresville will be primarily an intellectual exercise, but your emotions will play a part too. So, as they say, be sure to trust your gut (or heart).  Many times a buyer will feel that house when they walk in.

A good way, then, to be fairly sure you’ve found the right house is when you don’t have any desire to see other houses or when it draws Happyyou back to look again. Much like falling in love, it’s a good indication you’ve found the right one when you don’t have any interest in others.

In addition, this just may be the right house if entering gets you excited and that thrill doesn’t diminish after several visits. The chemistry’s right when you are excited about making the house your home and can envision all your stuff and your family set up in the house. Love at first sight is a thing – you just have to make sure it’s genuine love and not powerful infatuation.

3. Meets Your Must-Haves

List of needed item for Homes for sale As anyone in the real estate business will tell you, it’s a good idea to have a  list of your must-have features and your mere like-to-have features. When you can go down the list and tick off all the must-haves, you may have found the right house in Floresville. It is a very good sign if a house avoids all your deal-breakers and has all your non-negotiables.  The pros say that although “you should always be willing to compromise when you’re house hunting, remember that a property that doesn’t fit your basic needs might not be the right fit.”  You want a home that ticks if not all most of the boxes.  And the boxes that need to be ticked are the important ones.

4. Rightness for Today and Tomorrow

And keep in mind, too, that your life and your needs now will very likely be quite different from your life in a few years or even a few months. So be sure the rightness of the house exists both for today and for the future.

The first thing to look at will be the neighborhood because that ideal home doesn’t exist in a vacuum or in isolation. Are you happy with the surrounding area and people now, and will they suit you in five years? For you are, the experts maintain, not just investing in a home, but you are also investing in the neighborhood and the area.

Typically, people spend at least a few years in a home, so the right home that “is going to meet all your expectations for today and tomorrow. . . . Make sure that any home you’re thinking of purchasing is a good fit for the life you envision having. Is there a spare room for any kids you’re thinking of having? If you’re planning to launch your own business or spend more time working from home, is there somewhere you can turn into an office space?”   You want to have the right space –not too small but also not too large.

Bonus: Agent Agreement

As we mentioned finding that right house in Floresville is much like falling in love. But like falling in love with a person, it’s far too easy to overlook the cons when you’re focused on the pros – which is a recipe for sure disaster. But a good local real estate agent can help you avoid making such a long-lasting mistake.  A knowledgeable local agent can help find the house that’s just right for you.  An agent can help you see the “flaws” as well as the good points.

Find out how our experienced agents can help you purchase the right house that best meets your needs. Contact us today! (210) 216-7722

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