Downpayment needed

Exactly How Much Money You Need to Buy a House in Floresville

Despite the often long and complicated process, buying a new home is almost always an exciting adventure. But there’s that small matter of money that usually dampens the excitement. Many home buyers, especially first-time buyers, just don’t realize the true cost of buying a house and how much money they’ll need – but that’s something … Continued

5 Ways to Get the Upper Hand When Buying a House in Floresville

Buying a house, especially when it comes to the negotiations, is almost always a competition and a dance to see who comes out on top. And right now, if your current market with high demand and low inventory, sellers seem to be holding most of the best cards, especially in the lower price points. But … Continued

How Rising Rates and Falling Prices Are Impacting Floresville Home Buyers

Since reaching near all-time lows, mortgage interest rates have jumped to over 6% for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages. That’s a pretty substantial increase in less than two years, and it makes affordability a bigger issue for many home buyers. But on the flip side, higher rates likely mean falling home prices, which until recently have been … Continued

5 Floresville Home Buying Trends We’re Seeing in 2022

Trends in real estate over the past couple of years or so, owing in large part to COVID-19, have deviated from the expected and traditional. You likely know that home prices are up, inventory is low, and Millennials are making up a larger portion of the home-buying population. But there’s more going on that you … Continued