Choosing The Right Building Lot in Floresville

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No two lots are created equally! There are many things to consider when choosing your perfect piece of land to meet your needs. In our latest post, we can help you find the right building lot in Floresville!

If you want to buy a lot to build on in the Floresville area, there are a few things you will want to think about first. Before you buy a Floresville lot, ask yourself these questions:

Are you looking in the right neighborhoods?

You might have your heart set on a particular neighborhood. Maybe you have lived there before and want to create the same feeling. Or maybe you have heard great things and are determined to live on a certain street. While it is great that you know what you want, you can also benefit by considering options outside of your preferred area. So long as your commute or costs aren’t greatly affected, look at properties in other areas. You might be surprised at what you can find a few blocks over. Plus, maybe what you liked about an area way back when, isn’t the same thing you will find appealing today.

How much space do you need?

There might be many building lots available within local subdivisions. These lots are usually sized similarly and don’t always allow a lot of privacy. If space is what you are after, consider looking more on the outskirts of town.

What does future development look like?

Also, keep your eye on what is happening nearby. If you are interested in buying a building lot in the Floresville area, contact the building department to find out what is currently in the works. Commercial and private development can have an effect on your quality of life and on the value of your land.

How much privacy do you want?

Do you want to say hello to your neighbor each morning or would you prefer to only see them every few days? The point of choosing your own lot to build on isn’t just to give you the ability to build as you desire. It is also giving you the decision to pick exactly where you want to be on the map. Whether that is surrounded by neighbors or somewhere more remote is completely up to you.


Lot direction – the way a lot faces will affect the amount of sunlight it receives. Some people prefer western facing lots, while others prefer eastern. If you have architectural plans in place, see how they will work on lots facing different directions.  Do you want the heat of the afternoon sun coming into your kitchen or your living area or your bedrooms?   Do you want the early morning sun waking you in the morning?   Do you want the south breezes on your back porch or patio?  Everyone has different preferences.  And that is why you will see homes in the country facing a different direction than you would expect.  They have oriented the home in a way that works for their lifestyle or floor plan.   A house with a lot of western exposure will have the heat gain in the summer across that exposure.

Floresville TX - River Bend entrance Entrance and exit – Some subdivisions or even roads have limited methods in and out.  That may be nice in reducing through traffic  but could also impede emergency vehicles access.  Some subdivisions will have only one entrance.   The other factor for some people is if an area is gated or has restricted access.

Future development – commercial developments nearby will impact the value or your lot and eventual home. Consider the lots around you as well. They might be empty now, but how will it be if someone builds a three-story house next door, obstructing your view?  What if it is close to a major road and some of the lots might be sold commercially?  Or put in a home for elder care? Or a restaurant?

Development – can you build a pool? add a shed? create an additional story on the house a few years down the road? Make sure that if you want to add something to the house, you know that isn’t possible before painting the picture in your head.  Some of our local subdivisions have limits on the number and size of outbuildings.

HOA costs – HOA costs aren’t always considered when buying a lot. You will want to see what fees you will have to pay and how they are created. Can they go up without notice?

Location within the subdivision – Some people want to be at the entrance of the subdivision for convenience while others prefer the privacy of being tucked away. Don’t just pick a lot blindly. Think of the day to day impacts on your quality of life.  Being in the rear of some of our subdivisions means you are adding 3 miles to your daily commute. Some subdivisions may have factors like lower water pressure in the back of the subdivision if everyone is watering the yard on a weekend.

Foliage - Floresville Tx

Foliage – If there are trees on the property, will they be considered an asset or an obstruction to building? While they might look pretty, it could cost you a pretty penny to clear them if they are impeding construction.  The other factor is trees add value to a property normally but adding a tree won’t break the budget and they do grow fast.  Our particular subdivision is about 30 years old and the difference in the tree coverage from even 20 years ago is amazing and beautiful.


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