Color Trend Alerts for 2019

Do you ever wonder what the color trends are going to be for the new year?  Well Sherwin Williams has put together some of the newest color trends for 2019.

multi colored crayons

In the following article:    Color Trend Alert for 2019   Sherwin Williams discusses the different types of color that are used to create the feeling that you want for your home.  This is what they are predicting as color trends for 2019.  This is a subject that is always talked about as people discussing getting homes ready for sale.  Making  the colors appealing to as many people as possible.

Comprised of six separate palettes each inspired by a different mood and personality, the shades range from classic neutrals to saturated brights—all paired together in ways that feel especially current, their experts have put together a 42 hue color forecast.

While some of their picks such as pink and yellow may not make all feel warm and fuzzy, their experts think it is they carry widespread appeal.  But the new neutrals are changing tones to colors inspired by around the globe.  Personally I have heard more than several buyers say they did not like pink and yellows which is one of the five hottest colors for the summer.

Color is very personal and different colors as well as shades invoke different feelings for each person.  But the color trends are set by the decorating industry and most people follow.  We went from white walls in the 60s to the cream walls to the beige walls that were called “builders beige” until we came to the gray craze.  Wonder why it hasn’t been dubbed “builders gray”.  Guess it doesn’t rhyme well enough.

So as you look at the predictions for the Five Hottest Colors for Summer, realize that things don’t become hot until someone starts saying they are hot and people start to use or buy them.   Pineapple Yellow,  Pink Lavender, Nile Green, Coral and Capri Blue.   Granted they are suggesting for  a coastal house and may work for that but I don’t think I could personally take some of them on a daily basis.

There are 6 Palettes that are being put forth as the palettes to watch out for:

  1. The Enthusiast

  2. The Wanderer

  3. The Shapeshifter

  4. The Aficionado

  5. The Naturalist

  6. The Raconteur



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