How To Manage The Inconveniences Of Selling Your House

Inconveniences Of Selling Your HouseDo you need to sell a Floresville house? In our latest post, we offer guidance to help you avoid the common inconveniences people run into when selling a house!  How To Manage The Inconveniences Of Selling Your House

While for  almost all properties and situations, the process of selling a house can be inconvenient. So to manage the inconveniences of selling your house, make a plan and be prepared.

  • How or what do I need to prepare the house itself for showings?
  • What do I need to do to have the house ready when we have a showing?
  • How do I plan for unexpected showings?
  • Do I have to leave when the house is showed?
  • List of steps to leave the house
  • With children plan to disrupt their life as little as possible

When listing you might need to make some repairs and  will need to prepare the house for property showings.  While reviewing with your agent what might / should be repaired remember that there will be a cost.  While it may not return 100% of the cost It does put your house into a more favorable light for a  faster house sale.  Bright, clean houses tend to sell fast when they are in good condition.

Once the house goes into the MLS  hopefully the showings start immediately.   The first step is if you have overstuffed areas like too much furniture, closets crammed with blankets, old toys, clothes, boxes, etc trim it down.  You are planning to move once the house sells so cleaning out your clutter is the first step to being ready.  Purge or if you cannot get rid of the extra items, use a storage facility. Being ready before it goes into MLS you will have done a deep clean on the house.  It gets the house ready but it also allows you to do quick cleans when you have a showing.  If you have children think of ways to help stow the clutter before a showing.  Maybe having an area with crates or bins for storing toys quickly or having the toys confined to one area.   Having a chest with a lid that things can be quickly dropped in is one solution.  Wiping down the kitchen every night. Stow the dishes in the dishwasher; not the sink.  Put your morning breakfast dishes in the dishwasher.   Wiping down the bathroom when the kids are having their bath or right after.  Putting down the toilet seats.  Whatever routine works for you.  Don’t forget the patio, the front porch and the yard.  They need to stay clean also.  That is part of curb appeal. Secure items like jewelry, medicine, guns.  Buyers will sometimes wander off from the agent and while one does not expect their items to be taken, it could happen. Another thing is you might want to put away sensitive information like bills, checkbooks, drivers licenses, etc.   I have seen drivers licenses left on dressers.  Not a good idea.  It is also suggested that you remove your cute decorations like your child’s name off their bedroom wall.   Personal items like pictures are discouraged also.  It can be distracting as people will look at them.  But it also allows a buyer to picture themselves in the

Showing?    Open drapes or blinds.   Choose a good level for the blinds.   It normally will be half to 3/4 way up.  The house should be bright and not dark with good views out the windows.  Turn on lights. Make sure the beds are made.   Pick up toys; put things away. Have the house clean and bright in all areas. Have a plan on where to go.    With children have a bag packed with snacks, toys,  wipes, maybe a change of clothes in the event of an accident ready to go at a moment’s notice.   You may have to leave the house without a meal being served to a child in the evening.  What do you want to do if that might be the case?  While you can turn down a showing, those buyers may never return to view your house.  Your house may be one in a long line they want to look at.  Also think about the smells that will be in a house after a meal and plan accordingly.

It is very advisable to leave the house during showings.  Buyers are much more comfortable.  I actually don’t think  I have ever sold a house where the sellers were present when the buyers viewed the home.

Have your list of what you need to do such as turn on lights, etc and what to take with you when you leave the house.

Children do like routine and they can sense feelings from their parents so do try to keep your emotions in check when around your children.  While it is not something to really stress over just be aware that children may not be old enough to understand the process and can be unsettled when their routine is disrupted.

One under contract it  typically takes a month or so to close.  You can slack somewhat on the daily routine to keep the house show worthy and start packing for your move.

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