San Antonio Military Spouse Economic Empowerment Zone

San Antonio is a Military Spouse Economic Empowerment Zone. This foundation and USAA joined together to focus on areas that have a commitment to the military.  The goal is to commit to hiring military spouses and the foundation holds the companies to that commitment.

Fort Sam Houston Infantry Post 1885-1906
Fort Sam Houston Infantry Post 1885-1906 with Historical Marker

San Antonio has always been a military town. It is steeped in its history. We support our military, honor our military and hated to see any of our bases shut down which has happened in the past.  The picture above is on Fort Sam Houston and has a historical marker statingFort Sam Houston San Antonio Tx historic landmark plack

“Fort Sam Houston National Landmark Historic District Designated by the United States Department of the Interior Infantry Post 1855-1906”

So a military tradition has gone back for many years. Thousands and thousands have passed thru this city either for  basic training or being stationed here.   A lot of our residents now have come from other areas of the country because they loved San Antonio when they were stationed here.  It is not uncommon to hear “I loved it here when I was stationed here.”


So to see this program recognize San Antonio is a great honor and privilege as we as a community work to support our military in all ways possible.

The article from gives further details on the program and how it works to help military spouses. –Spousebuzz 2018

As a retired USAA employee, I know it is a goal of USAA to hire military personnel as well as their spouses. USAA has offices around the US and all locations are close to military bases as that is the core of the business for USAA.

The San Antonio job market, as well as the housing market, is robust right now so there is a lot of opportunities. Not only at USAA but at other employers also. If one is looking at the base locations, USAA is a bit of drive but well worth it as the company is excellent and has excellent benefits.  They employ over 22,000 people and many of their jobs are work from home.  They not only offer full time but part time jobs and have jobs with differing hours so can accommodate different schedules.   They are true to their roots and run their company  in a true military fashion and adhere to their standards.      click here for:     USAA careers

Another large employer is HEB grocery and while I am not personally knowledgeable of their hiring practices they are considered a good employer and employ in excess of 10,000 people. They truly are a flexible job source.  My daughter’s father in law worked for them when he was still active duty.

Some of the links that support Military families not only in San Antonio but in other areas  are:

Hiring our Heroes Programs

Local Spouse Job Help

Joint Base San Antonio Employment Assistance

Chamber of Commerce:  Hiring Our Heroes

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