Where to Find Moving Boxes

Moving Box

Do you want to know where to find moving boxes? We are going to go over the best places to find or buy boxes to move as well as where you can find them cheap or even for free.

Moving from one home to another brings many important but monotonous tasks that you need to think about.

You may find a few around your home, but more than likely, you’ll be hunting for more.

Whether you are moving directly into your new place or need to compare different storage unit options, the whole experience can be a significant aggravation to get through, especially with your sanity in check.

Acquiring boxes for moving will be one of those jobs that need to be considered part of your planning process.

You may be able to get your hands on free boxes, but you could find that buying them might be a more viable option if you’re in a hurry. When you are moving to a new home, you may not have the time to be scrambling to find what you need.

Let’s take a look at both options so you can determine where you will start the process of finding your moving boxes.

Places to Find Free Moving Boxes

To save you some money on moving supplies, there are some places where you can get free boxes. Here are some of the most popular places to acquire them.

You might also try a Google search using the terms “where to get moving boxes near me or find boxes for moving near me”.

The very best place to get free heavy duty moving boxes is your local liquor store.  Call and check but normally they will have a new supply of boxes on Friday as they prepare for the weekend.  Because liquor bottles are so heavy, these boxes will be sturdy.  The other thing I like about them is they come in various sizes but they also have dividers to separate the bottles.  Works great for glasses to drop into the slots.  If you don’t need the slots those dividers can be placed between the plates and other items to cushion them.  

LOL the funny part is once you move in and take your boxes to the curb your new neighbors will wonder about your drinking habits.

One can always ask at the grocery store or dumpster dive behind the strip malls.  The stores will sometimes compact their boxes so catching them early is the best option. Grocery stores get shipments right before the weekend and again early in the week to replenish the shelves from the weekend.  But depending upon your location those days may vary.

There is always U-Haul and other moving companies.  They stock boxes in various sizes and all other types of moving supplies from tape to furniture blankets.  Cheaper than totes possibly but not as permanent.   But they are made for moving all types of household items so one can find a variety of sizes / types.

The other option is totes which could be spending a fair amount of money.  That is not the cheapest option but some may be good for those items you really want to protect.  And you will have some totes for storage at the new house.

Laundry Basket

Don’t forget that laundry baskets and other items you have can be used.  Even trash bags can work for towels, blankets, etc.  They will conform to spaces that a box will not fit into.  But you also need to be careful to not over pack as they can tear. There are various items around the house that you can use to stash smaller items when you are packing. Then those items can go into a moving box saving space. Items like towels, clean rugs, sheets, quilts can be used for padding. Either in the boxes or in the cars.

So one of your first steps is to determine where you are going to get those boxes.  And for everyone that will be a different decision. 

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