Why is it important to use a local agent?

Water drops flying in airWhy is it important to use a  local agent in Floresville?

Water is one reason.   Water?  Yes, water.  When one lives in an area or works that area they learn about the area.  They have connections in the area.  They know the ins and outs of the area.  They know the history.  How important is history?  The following story answers that.

One of my goals as an agent is to have my clients make an informed decision.  And it has to be their decision.  It is their money, their future home, their long term wants and needs that must govern.

Sometimes I feel that I give them too much information.   Information has to be swallowed in small chunks for one to remember it.  As we look I want them to know the facts and make their own decisions.  And if I don’t know it is not a problem to say “I don’t know.  But we can research some more.”

As an agent we have to make sure we abide by fair housing laws so  sometimes we walk a fine line as to what is information that can be given versus what is considered stating something that might violate a fair housing law.   When a client asks something like is a neighborhood safe, the prudent thing to do is to direct them where to do the research.   What is safe to one person may not be safe to another.  So with questions it is always good to direct them to things like the crime blotter, the state water board, the state rules on a particular item or even the county rules.

But when does your responsibility to your clients come into play?  When it is something that they need to know to  make an informed decision.   So I want to tell you a story about our area and the reason I think everyone needs a good local agent to represent them.

water well pumpSo the water story.  There is a subdivision in this area in which  I prefer not to sell.  I have shown in it in the long ago past but none of my clients chose a home in that subdivision.  And I am glad.  Around 2010 this very large rural subdivision started to have water issues. Being rural the developer chose to install 3 community water wells when it was first developed.  The subdivision was started as a golf community and did not fare well even though the homes were nice homes.  So after about 12 years about 50% or more of the subdivision is still raw lots.  Then comes some age and the wells which are governed by the state begin to have issues.  The developers had gone bankrupt  more than once and repairs were not kept up in a timely manner.  Based upon the information I was given it had gotten to the point where two wells were not operating and the entire subdivision was operating off one well    The state was ready to step in and transfer the water service to a rural water system. That I do know was correct because one of the employees of the rural water system gave me that information.  That rural water system has water lines at the highway ready to start work on providing water to the subdivision.  But the subdivision got it well operating and was permitted operations to continue after repairs.   And has continued running its system until now.

Recently San Antonio news has a story about the residents having to boil their water as the subdivision water system is having problems again.  One of the resident’s remarks was that band-aid repairs were always made instead of fixing the problem

What absolutely makes me sad is that builders are still building in the subdivision and people are still buying.  One home actually closed on the day of the news story on the television.  Can you imagine getting the keys to move into your new home and having a notice on your door to boil your water the day you moved in?   Why are these agents selling these homes to their clients without at least telling them about the water issues?   Some are local agents; some are not.  I blame both.  The local agent who values his pocket over the clients and the non local agent for being greedy enough to represent a buyer in an area they know nothing about. Maybe I am being harsh in my judgment but it does make me mad.

The price can be enticing to a client and I have had several clients find these homes on the Internet and call them to my attention.  At that point, I tell my client that I normally don’t show in that subdivision because of the water issues.  I explain what has happened in the past, their options if they choose to live in that subdivision and that I will show them if they want to view the home but I want them to understand what water issues may come with that home if they choose it.  It’s their choice.  At that point, they can choose to view or not.

What do you think they chose?   So having a local agent who understands the area can keep a buyer informed.

One of my first clients was a homeowner on the north side of San Antonio.  They had their house on the market and chose to move to Floresville.  She said to me that she told her San Antonio agent that while he could list her house, she wanted a local agent to be her buyers agent because that agent would understand the area.  She is still a client today, has referred me several clients, calls me for advice on real estate issues and is one of the smartest cookies I have ever had for a client.

So I would say to anyone choose a good local agent.   They know the territory and rural living is not the same as city living.

To check ratings on any water district in Texas:  Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

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