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Local Real Estate agent  FloresvilleFaye Taylor with StepStone Realty
Faye Y Taylor StepStone Realty in South Texas
Floresville is an amazing area and I’m proud to call it home. Because I love living and working here in  South Texas so much, it makes it easier to help local families and investors buy and sell local properties.

The first thing that an agent needs to know is  the basics:  What is your goal?  What do you need?  What is your criteria?  Budget?   Wants?  What is your time frame?  Do you want a property for an ag exemption?  The goal is to find you the home you want or to sell your home so you can move onto the next adventure in your life.  But other than those most important factors is the local knowledge the agent has to help you.  For that is the goal.  Getting your needs met.   So that is what I start with.  What do you need first of all?  What are your major priorities?  Sometimes you may not know actually what you want but that is my job.  To walk you through the process, as quick and as painless as possible.  Sit back and let me do the hard work.  All you  have to do is choose and pack.

For anyone looking to buy or sell having a local real estate agent with knowledge of the local Floresville real estate market like the back of their hand is a very important factor when you consider hiring any real estate professional. Market knowledge can be the difference between you overpaying or getting a great deal, finding the right property or missing it, and buying a property fully informed or missing critical things during inspection that can cost you.  On the sellers’ side that local agent understands the local businesses and can fill out the MLS information correctly.  Sellers need to check what information their agent is giving the public.  It needs to be complete and correct including the schools and the public utilities that service the home. 

Not only is local knowledge a must it can mean dollars in your pocket Each area has their special “quirks” such as  soil type and how that affects your foundation, airport flight paths, and things such as septic tanks, wells or other area characteristics. The South Texas area encompasses a lot of area and each area is very unique.  From the Hill country to south of San Antonio, the soil types, the terrain, the topography are different and that affects many things in the homes.   Do you like to garden?  This area is very good for that.  Do you like to feel secluded?  Many areas in South Texas are good for that.  That is where your agent can guide you.  That local agent should know about the subdivision that has water issues.  You don’t want to purchase a home in an area that has some major issues.  There are areas in San Antonio that a good agent knows has foundation issues so is aware and can guide their clients with that knowledge.

Shopping for a home or selling a home in Wilson County, Atascosa County or Guadalupe county is a different ball game than San Antonio.   We are rural counties which means we have different living conditions than a large city.  What do you ask?  Most of the homes are not inside the city limits so that means they will have septic systems, rural water or water wells.  HOAs are different.  Foundation issues are different.  Deed restrictions are different.  We allow horses in some subdivisions.  We allow mobile homes in some subdivisions.  We have no basements.  We have no snow but we do have HEAT.  The Sheriff’s department services the county not the city police.  We have volunteer EMS in most areas.  We have volunteer fire departments.  There can be different rules when being building such as set backs, easements, electrical codes.   While all the cities from San Antonio to Converse, Schertz, Universal City, Cibolo to the outlying counties have their own codes because they are different cities, the majority are similar but the larger cities have more rules and regulations than the smaller cities.  San Antonio regulates everything they possibly can regulate from where or if you can have a basketball hoop or where your trash cans go.  The smaller towns are not as strict although their rules are there for the public safety mainly.

Make sure you hire a local real estate agent who understands those things. Do you want to work with an agent who has never been around septic systems and doesn’t understand the different types that are used in each soil type?   Or doesn’t understand rural water systems?  Or wells?  You want a local real estate agent that knows the special items that may arise in this particular location and the business that can handle any questions that might arise.  

Whether you are wanting to buy a home or sell a home where I take it farther is my focus on you having an amazing buying or selling experience so you can focus on living life.  So I would love to help you sell that house so you can move onto the next phase of your life or help you buy that perfect home in the South Texas area.  I am prejudiced but I love it here.  So as a local Real Estate agent,

Let me worry about the details.  That’s my job as your real estate agent:  to take the worry out of the experience of buying or selling.

My experience in this area of Texas comes from being born in Floresville and living and working here for years.  I am familiar with all the

Local real estate agent Floresville TX photographs Veterans Memorial
Floresville Texas Veterans Memorial

different areas from San Antonio to Floresville to La Vernia and all the Wilson county and Guadalupe and Atascosa county areas.  South Texas is truly an unique area and buying can be a different experience than in other areas so let me guide you. I have the experience.

My early life was spent on a farm with a father who raised peanuts and cattle.  As all parents the goal was a college degree.  After graduating from University of Houston, the work experience went from accounting to insurance agent to real estate agent. So for the last 13+ years my life is spent in the real estate market in and around San Antonio.  And it is always varied and exciting.  The Eagleford Shale has made a big impact on this area and all the opportunities that are available.  Starting my career with Keller Williams Realty, a move was  made to the Floresville Re/Max and then back to Keller Williams.  Wanting to understand all facets of real estate I moved to StepStone Realty as StepStone concentrates on all types of real estate from investors to retail.  Helping people buy and sell but also understanding the investing market is a great tool.  I now have knowledge that  helps clients who have hard to sell houses.  There is  broader market out there beyond traditional real estate.

For Real Estate information  from sales to area features and homes for sale check out my blog at  Faye Taylor blog  or for local information check out the   Our Towns page.  The Our Towns pages have information on the different towns in Wilson County but also some of the San Antonio areas.

If you want to chat real estate or even just connect for a quick meet, reach out to me anytime!


As the Floresville Real Estate Agent – Faye Y Taylor is here for your questions and for help

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