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Abrego Lake subdivision Homes - Floresville, Tx

Abrego Lake is a small exclusive subdivision of about 275 home sites located about 8 miles north of Floresville, TX

It truly is country living with city convenience.

It is not your ordinary subdivision with its large lots and custom homes on acreage.

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Can you imagine arriving at your beautiful home to  serene living with wildlife to view from your back patio?  This is your oasis of peace.  Enjoy your morning coffee as the quiet morning arrives.   Just enjoy the quiet sounds of nature; weather in South Texas is conducive to those mornings for most of the year.  Or capture those animals on your cameras as they come out at night to roam.

Abrego Lake subdivision has recreational areas for the residents to enjoy.   Take the children to the playground.  Visit the small lakes to relax and enjoy the freedom to walk or sit as you enjoy the view.

Traffic is few and far between driving past your home so as you leave for work in the morning there is no traffic to merge into.  Just leave your driveway and drive to the main highway to get to work or to shop.   San Antonio is about a 20 minute drive and Floresville a quick 10 minutes to grocery shop or pick up a quick meal.  Wal Mart even faster.

While Abrego Lake is an upscale subdivision it is still a rural subdivision so it is subject to the rules that pertain to building in a rural area.  There are no city services.  The homes are on septics with rural water and rural trash pickup and are not subject to recycling.  While the services are rural all homes are serviced by the same water company; trash pickup may be provided by different independent trash companies and septics are serviced by a company of choice.  Internet service varies from area to area but is limited to location.  Most will have satellite internet such as Hughes Net, La Vernia Wifi, and others; some areas have Frontier DSL and ZipLink DSL so if internet service or speed is important to you that is one item you want to verify for any home you are looking at purchasing.  It is located in the highly desirable Floresville ISD.

The Abrego Lake  subdivision has a healthy sales activity every year.  It is very popular and sales of both new construction and pre-owned homes are brisk.  The home values have steadily risen since its beginning years.

Abrego Lake Homes

  • Developed in 2007
  • 8 Miles north of Floresville county courthouse steps
  • FISD
  • Lake and playground in the subdivision
  • Mandatory HOA– annual dues –all owners are members
  • Lots are 1+acre
  • Deed restrictions on size and exterior materials
  • Architectural control committee must approve building and repairs plans
  • One residence plus one guest home with common roof allowed on each lot
  • Size requirements are determined by the section but the smallest is 1800 sf
  • 2+ car rear or side facing garages required but requirements vary between sections
  • Outbuildings permitted but are governed by building standards
  • The % or required brick, rock or stucco (not exclusively stucco) for exteriors as well as % of masonry requirement is determined by section
  • Driveways must be concrete
  • Setbacks 35 ft front and 15 ft side and rear
  • Construction must be completed within six months from date of construction materials delivery
  • No unsightly items to be stored on the property
  • No parking on the street
  • Household pets: dogs, cats, birds & horses allowed if your lot is at least 2+ acre at a ratio of 1 horse per acre
  • Home office / telecommuting rules in place; work from home rules in place
  • Mailbox installation standards
  • 2 ponds
  • Volunteer Fire Department
  • Rural Water system
  • Private rural trash service
  • Septic tanks
  • RV storage allowed in enclosed structure meeting building requirements
  • The average size ranges from 2200 to over 4000 sf but the midpoint is about 2700 sf
  • If you had to rate the highest value subdivision in this area, it would be Abrego Lake.

So come on down and enjoy a new home in Abrego Lake in Floresville, TX in Wilson County,  the heart of South Texas to the fullest.

We are truly country living with city convenience.

Why work with Faye?    Having been raised in Wilson County and graduating from Floresville High School she is very familiar with this area.  For more info about her: About me

So let’s work together to either find your dream home or sell that home to a person looking for that perfect home.

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**  The above bullet points are the items listed in the CCRs but are not inclusive.  Nor am I an attorney.  These are notes not legal facts.  The CCR and other subdivision information can be provided upon request.

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