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Every one has their own view of San Antonio, TX.  And the city is a diverse as all of those views.  It is a up and coming city that has grown tremendously over the past 20 years.  There are lots of attractions from the historic perspective to the military perspective to the southern perspective which includes a large dose of Hispanic culture to the new and modern perspective.

San Antonio has a population of almost 1.5 million and spans a large area but has a series of connecting cities within and on its borders.  It is an emerging and developing city with a lot of potential.  Many tech companies are moving here and the oil industry has discovered San Antonio.  Rackspace is a large employer and Baker Hughes and Halliburton have large office and yard areas on the Southside.  Not to mention Toyota Truck manufacturing plant, HEB  and USAA  all of which are larger employers in the area.

While there are many things to do while in San Antonio, there are great reasons for living here.  Good weather, central location, different types of terrain, many different types of people and long history.  The attractions feature that history while also offering new things to do.  The military history in San Antonio goes back over 100 years.  Many military families choose to retire here.  It is not uncommon to hear someone say “I did my basic training at Lackland AFB and loved San Antonio.  So here I am.”   San Antonio is home to one of the nation’s largest active and retired military communities.    The active duty military community is mainly concentrated in the areas around Fort Sam Houston and Randolph Brooks AFB since Brooks City Base  completely closed in 2011. Fort Sam and Randolph are on the east side of San Antonio and I have a list of the common zip codes for that area on Search Homes for Sale.     Lackland AFB is on the other side of town.  The main zip codes around that area is 78245 and 78227.   78227 is older than 78245 which is a very active area of town and growing in great bounds.

San Antonio TX Pearl Brewery
San Antonio Pearl Brewery Stables

The downtown area is experiencing a comeback and is the new hip place to be.  It started with the Pearl Brewery.  Years after it closed in 1991, developers began working on a plan to “urbanize” it with expanding the River Walk but it took years for their dream to be realized.  It has become such a gathering place, the real estate values in an older more blighted area have skyrocketed.  It has also driven “urbanization” into other areas of downtown as well.   That has driven real estate prices through the roof in almost all areas around downtown.


In prior years San Antonio expanded northwards into an area that has the term “hill country”.  The terrain north of the city’s center has a more rolling, rocky terrain than south of town.  It is almost as if a line was drawn through the middle of San Antonio with the north being hilly and rocky and the south being flat and sandy.     With those characteristics, the cost to build on the north side is more expensive due to the nature of the land itself.  South is cheaper due to the easy build sites and the cost  of items like water delivery and sewer or septic systems and the fun things like a pool installation.

Some companies are moving  into the city core driving up the demand for living spaces in the city and nearby areas.  Downtown San Antonio has recently become home to new tech companies.  This is leading to the development of  older areas closer to town being rehabbed and also loft conversions and other types of housing for the new urbanites.  Currently development is moving south of the city.

So with the growth skyrocketing and likewise the prices  in the north side of the San Antonio, many people have turned to the south side of the city and it is being revitalized.  The center of downtown and a few miles outward, it is becoming a more desirable place to live because of drive time and all the new “hip” places to visit.   The older neighborhoods are being flipped and seeing new life.

And then many live in the outlying areas with a close drive to San Antonio.  There are numerous locations around and in San Antonio.  There are cities within a 30 minute commute where people have the sense of small town living

So as you decide what meets your needs for your new home,  we will review your desires and needs versus what areas are right for you and in what price range.  That is part of the job that I do for you.

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