How To Stay Positive When Selling Your House in Floresville

Stay Positive When Selling Your House

Very often people list their home for sale expecting a quick sale at the asking price, thinking buyers will immediately fall in love with it because they love it so much. But the reality is usually very different. Buyers see all the flaws, the price keeps getting negotiated down, and/or the house sits on the market unsold far longer than the seller expected. Then disappointment and all those negative feelings set in. With some preparation, though, you can stay positive when selling your house even if it takes a little longer than you’d like.

Fall Out of Love

Your house is your home.  And the reality is not everyone will love your home as much as you do. So the first step you can take to stay positive when selling your house is to fall out of love with it – or at least try to view it with a critical, realistic eye. Otherwise, you’re likely headed for disappointment.  Everyone brings different wants and expectations to the table when they are buying and /or selling.  What one loves another doesn’t.  Or what one wants or needs may not be what the other wants or needs.  So disengaging yourself from your home is a good idea.  Because you do want to sell it, right ?  And for the best price.

A good move toward this end is to remove all your personal items to help you transition mentally from owner to seller. The idea is to achieve some distance from your home so that it becomes a house you’re selling. If your attachment to it remains too strong, it could cloud your judgment during negotiations or at other critical points.  I have seen it happen.  Even in houses I personally think are less than desirable.  Because remember a man’s home is his castle.  At least until one decides to get a new castle.

Get Involved

One of the best ways not to stay positive when selling your house is just to sit back, let your agent do everything, and wait for buyers to come flocking and waving money. Yes, your agent is the knowledgeable professional, but you have a part to play as well. Besides, staying actively engaged, just doing something, always helps in maintaining a positive attitude. And some of those things are keeping the house show ready.  Not only does it keep you busy, keep the house ready to view at a moment’s notice but living in a clean house naturally raises one’s spirits.

Be Reasonable on Price

This is related to our first suggestion to help you stay positive when selling your house in Floresville (falling out of love with your house). You may think your home is worth every bit of your asking price and that the price is worth holding out for, but a lot of buyers won’t see it that way. So you have to do some research and be reasonable.

In reality, your house is worth only what buyers are willing to pay for it. And to get a good idea of what that is, you’ll need to look at similar homes in the area that have sold recently. A little research here will keep you from pricing unreasonably high and so causing your house to sit unsold for months and months.  One of the exercises I do with my sellers is to take them to see their competition.  That gives them an idea of what first impressions are like for buyers but also shows them where their house presents better or maybe some tips to enhance their home’s appeal. Also be aware that Texas is a non disclosure state.

Strive for the “Homey” Feel

One of the best ways to stay positive when selling your house in Floresville is simply to rest in the knowledge that you’ve done Cozy bedroom in homes for sale Floreville TXeverything right. When you have, a sale fairly soon is almost inevitable. But you do have to make sure you give your house a”homey” feel so buyers can envision it as their own home. Not too much personalization but just a nice feel of coming home to a relaxing house.

A good way to proceed is to visit some of your local competing open houses and see what they are doing right. In general, though, you need to make sure the curb appeal is up to snuff, that the kitchen is cheery and inviting, and that you’ve removed everything that personalizes the living room. The idea is to create an emotional response in buyers that will translate into an offer.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of the common “delusions” when you’re trying to sell a home. But most of these delusions can be dispelled, and you can stay positive when selling your house in Floresville, with some mental and physical preparation. Of course, the best way to stay positive is to know you’re in good professional hands.  All it takes is one buyer to get your house sold.

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