How to Find the Best Deals on Floresville Single Family Homes

In today’s real estate market with low inventory and keen buyer competition finding good deals on single-family homes is usually far from easy. And on top of that, those good deals are almost always snapped up quickly. But if you’re willing to do some research and think outside the box, you can find these good deals and buy them before the competition does. So let’s see how to find the best deals on Floresville single-family homes.

Use the MLS

A tried and trued method for finding the best deals on single-family homes in Floresville or anywhere else is to use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). 

“It’s a necessary and very powerful tool used by licensed real estate agents. . . . The MLS contains the most up-to-date information. Many other services . . . pull info from it. The MLS is the only resource where you can see ‘coming soon’ activities. It gives you the chance to buy homes before they hit the market.” But there’s a catch . . . 

Only real estate agents have full access to the MLS, which comes with a “monthly subscription fee to access, post, and see listings for sale. The MLS is a sophisticated platform. It allows agents to search for properties that meet their criteria, including location, amenities, and property condition. It also includes information that helps users quickly zoom in on what they’re looking for. They can search property sales history, tax assessment data, and school district information, among other things.”

So in order to fully utilize this tool to find the best deals on single-family homes, you’ll need to work closely with a Floresville agent. Just call (210) 216-7722 to discover more.

Consider Bank Foreclosures

Another way to find the best deals on Floresville single-family homes involves bank-foreclosed properties. This is a home that has been repossessed by the lender because the buyer failed to make mortgage payments for an extended period. Once the occupants have been removed, the lender typically lists the home for sale on the local market. At this time our local area has very few foreclosures but there are some distressed sales. Those are sales in which the seller has moved out of the house and needs to sell quickly or a couple may be going through a divorce and the court or circumstances dictate a sale.

“While the foreclosure, in itself, is of course sad (no one rejoices when someone loses a home), once the deed has been done, these properties can be some of the best deals you’ll find in real estate. Banks want to be in the business of lending money, not managing property, so they are often quick to offer large discounts just to get the deal off their books. . . . Because the foreclosure process can take several years, these properties are often in need of some serious repair or updating. So, further discounts may be given to compensate – for buyers willing to brave a rehab.”

Be First in Line 

Another strategy to get great deals on single-family homes has to do with timing. You can often get a good deal if you’re the first to make an offer . . . or the last. You would be surprised how often a seller will accept the first offer. Especially if it is a good offer and if the home has been on the market for longer than normal. The other factor is the price bracket that the home is in. Higher priced homes have less buyers than the lower priced homes. So those lower priced homes can be more competitive in the offer market.

“Oftentimes, it’s not the highest offer for a property that gets accepted, it’s simply the first. Therefore, if you are looking for a great deal, be quick about it! Get a pre-approval from a bank so you can jump at any property right away, and have your real estate agent set you up with automatic email alerts notifying you of any new property that hits the market.”

And Work Closely With Your Floresville Agent

As we’ve indicated throughout, one of the best things you can do to find great deals is to work closely with an experienced Floresville agent. Your agent will have a finger on the pulse of the local market and so will know where these deals are. If you’re interested in finding the best deals on Floresville single-family homes, be sure to contact us today at (210) 216-7722.

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