4 Popular Design Trends in Texas New Home Construction

Each year, we see new design trends and concepts crop up and the further adoption of technology into how buyers and builders are choosing to assemble their new homes. To better understand what is going on in the world of home design and decoration in Texas, here are 4 popular design trends in our area’s new home construction.

Spaces for a variety of uses

Out of all of the ways the global pandemic has shaped how we view our homes, one of the longest-lasting is the demand for multifunctional living spaces, especially in new home construction.  The open floor plan while still popular is starting to wane. Especially with more people being home for longer hours. The open floor plan was in demand because as families gathered in the evenings at the end of the day, the desire was to be together in the evening. But with the family being home more at this time that extra or multifunctional space has become more important.

With the last couple of years and more people working from home, we have seen how important it may be to have a living room or dining room that can quickly and easily be adapted into a home office, general workspace, or even a makeshift classroom. This adaptability was at the forefront of the new home buyers’ minds over the past couple of years, and that hasn’t waned very much at all. 

Although it may not be the main thing for every buyer, the possibility of needing this type of space in the future has been realized. Finding ways of working in the space that is currently there and have it function in different ways will likely help you in your new home as well as provide resale value. Having a dedicated space that can function in various ways is the prime solution. That does not take away from the living spaces is always a bonus.


Something that has developed into its own full-fledged industry and is quite hot right now in new home construction is building homes specifically with sustainability in mind. 

One of the most important features is the house envelope and other energy saving factors for a home. The windows, the insulation, the appliances are all chosen with that in mind. Saves on energy and makes the home more comfortable overall. Some opt for features like the tankless water heater or almost all have other energy saving features like low flow toilets and faucets.

When mentioning home utility and sustainability, we often immediately jump to solar panels, and there is certainly some current homeowners that install solar panels. The reason to rush is because home buyers and owners want to finish their installation and get everything up and operating before the expiration of any state or federal tax incentives.  That decision has to be undertaken with the understanding that solar panels at this time do not contribute substantially to resale value. It is hard to recoup even half of the cost. Part of that is their life span. Not many home buyers put them on their wish list.

Outside of the world of solar panels, though, using recycled and salvaged materials is growing in popularity in part due to the general public’s exposure to it through media. Home improvement shows have touted the benefits of saving money by using recycled materials for years, and it has become more accepted in the mainstream consciousness.  While this may be a factor on the national stage, it really has not arrived in this area yet. You might see a small amount of that type of feature.

If you don’t want to include these components just yet, perhaps get estimates and create your home with the objective of installing them in the future.

Natural Colors

Every so often, we see a change in the prevailing color schemes that draw our attention. 

Previously, using vibrant colors that stand out as accents against more neutral tones was very trendy, but owners have shied away from that in recent times. These days, everything is about earth tones, curved but functional furniture, and natural wood grain. 

The trend toward gray is passing; browns are coming back into style. The other strong color that is making a comeback is white. So if purchasing a new home, the builder is relying on a designer to choose the colors and advise him on the new trends. So you will see what that particular builder is using. Many time his houses will almost all have the same basic colors because it is easier and cheaper to buy paint in bulk, etc.

Entertaining Is Back

With our daily lives having experienced a return to normalcy relative to the last few years, we are also looking at having company over more regularly.  Or even eating at home more frequently.

In order to combine the solitude we have become accustomed to with the capability to entertain guests, having more strictly isolated public and private areas feels more necessary. Creating spaces just for socializing by way of an outdoor fire pit or indoor seating area are both popular ways of directing gatherings and keeping things contained.  Patios or deck areas are very common and many have outdoor kitchens.

Designating these unspoken boundaries for your guests is where your creativity becomes key in your new home.

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