Mortgage Rates to Increase in 2021?

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The Closing: How Long Will the Process Take When Buying a House in Floresville?

During the process of buying (or selling) a house, there are typically two nail-biting stages or milestones. For buyers, these are getting pre-approved for a mortgage and closing, both involving not a little anticipation and anxiety. Here we want to examine the closing process because there is so much confusion and misinformation surrounding it. Let’s … Continued

Should You Build a House in Floresville or Buy an Existing One?

When almost anyone begins to think about a new home, there are always a lot of decisions to be made. Typically, the biggest of those decisions is whether to build a house or buy an existing home. And that’s usually not an easy decision because there are some definite pros and cons to each. Then, … Continued

5 Tips for Homebuyers in Floresville Who Are Struggling to Find a Home

Currently, homebuyers in Floresville and in most other markets struggling to find a home in their price range and/or that meets their needs. Consider, for example, that 32% of homebuyers have been home shopping for at least six months, and 24% have been shopping for a year or longer. And only a short two years ago, those … Continued

4 Ways to Ensure Your Offer is Accepted When Buying a House in Floresville

The economy certainly isn’t in its best shape ever, but that hasn’t dampened the housing market – for sellers. Inventory remains extremely low, and buyers are numerous, especially with the current low-interest rates. And that means sellers are in the driver’s seat and can be pretty picky with offers because, most of the time, they … Continued

How to Find the Right Floresville Agent to Help You Sell Your House

There are thousands of real estate agents to choose from. In fact, you’re probably bombarded daily with their ads via yard signs, TV and radio, and social media. So how do you choose the right one for you? First, you don’t choose an agent solely on the basis of list price and commission. These can … Continued

5 Proven Ways to Sell Your House for More Money in Floresville

Everyone wants to sell his house for the most money possible. But how do you do that? Really, it all boils down to simply making your house stand out above all the other similar competing ones in the area. And a large part of that lies in understanding what is driving home sales in your … Continued

6 Ways to Stage Your Floresville House on a Budget

Staging is a species of visual merchandising that draws on the principles of interior design. And you need to do it because it works. Numerous studies have shown that staged homes sell faster and at better prices than those that haven’t been staged. But professional staging is out of financial reach for many sellers. If … Continued

5 Ways to Utilize Color When Selling Your House in Floresville

Painting your house in bright, bold, brash colors is fine for you – you’re the one who lives there. But it’s a different matter entirely when it comes to selling your house. Your preferences then have to take a back seat to what buyers want. And what buyers prefer is neutral colors rather than bold … Continued

5 Ways Floresville Real Estate Has Changed In The Past Few Years

Like all other commodities, the real estate market is constantly going through a metamorphosis that is affected by a slew of factors – both direct and indirect. Let’s help to realign your perception regarding the current state of affairs by covering 5 ways Floresville real estate has changed in the past few years. Low Inventory … Continued